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What makes Trans World Operations your best possible choice? When choosing TWO you are choosing for a partner that brings four main qualities.

Capacity & Capability

Choosing TWO is a choice for capacity and capability. Whether it is training the local security officers, analyzing the needs for a successful operation in extreme conditions or providing personnel and material for our clients, TWO will be able to provide whatever it is you need.


Working in the security industry means being able to work in the most complex environments continuously without support. Being able to make any situation manageable is what makes the difference between a hostile environment and a successful operation.


Whether it is solving complex security issues or understanding the demographics of a hostile environment, TWO can provide in-depth knowledge and know-how including troop movements, area knowledge, and threat analysis and risk/counter management.


You are choosing a partner that will support your efforts to the best of their abilities and beyond. A partner that will serve and support you with honesty, capable of making any situation work, regardless of the situation. With TWO, our clients’ needs come first.

Corporate Philosophy

“As flexible as we can, as strict as we must.” is the motto of the Royal and Diplomatic Service of the Dutch National Police.

At TWO, we believe this best reflects the work attitude of our company. We believe that the wishes of the client are paramount and that this should be the spindle of how we need to conduct our business. However sometimes the situation calls for direct action that might not be what the client wants, however it is what the situation for the client demands.

TWO supports specialised in-house branches to provide services for our clients on both individual and project base in cooperation with our other services.

Mission Statement

Creating a safe and peaceful environment

 Our services

“When in Rome, do as the Romans.”

Corporate services

Trans World Operations’ approach on a safe and secure working environment is a full understanding of today’s threat. Whether it is loss prevention and access control or espionage and cyber terrorism, TWO is your stalwart shield against all possible threats.

As your business becomes an international matter and it becomes necessary to venture outside the comfort of your office environment, TWO will provide the planning, the know-how, and logistics necessary for you and your staff to have knowledge of the country and “business” culture you are dealing with.

Our security services are specialized in but not limited to;

  • Security Personnel & Logistics
  • Corporate Analysis and Risk Management
  • Actionable Intelligence & Counter-intelligence
  • Business Continuity Policies & Insurance
  • Crisis Management

Additional Corporate Services


  • Translations – translators
  • Personal assistants
  • Project managers
  • Executive Security Drivers

Training and support

  • Executive and management training
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Promotions and Public relations
  • Policy and Risk Assessment

Security Contracting

Providing the best possible security solution catered to our clients’ situation and requirements has been our core business since 2009, celebrating our 10-year anniversary.

In our short existence, Trans World Operations started from a two-man operation to a global operating network of professionals.

Whether it is for long- or short-term contracts, we can provide the right personnel and equipment to tackle any job around the world.


Over the last decade, TWO, with the unwavering help of our global partners, has provided medical training in hostile environments, on top of the regular certified methods of training in intelligence, risk assessment, planning, and security training.


Recruitment, selection and training of specialised personnel fitting the requirements of the environment of the client has been a key role of TWO from its inception. We are proud to be the main supplier for our clients and partners for the last decade.


TWO can provide land, air and sea support by ways of proper material. Communication and logistics are our strength in that our network can provide all our clients with vehicles and communications.

Special Projects

With the rapid globalisation and modernisation of the business world it is hard to keep up. With a large group of partners to choose from it is hard to separate the ones that actually fit your need and have the company’s best interest at heart.
Investigating your competition or possible partners is a delicate matter and harmful if not done discretely.

Trans World Operations: Special Projects Division.

The SPD is a division that was brought to life to adhere to a specific need of our clients. Ranging from specialised equipment, communication equipment, BDU’s and personal security equipment to construction needs, such as safe-rooms and safe-houses, military grade facilities and chemical facilities. But also includes drones, helicopters and other specialised transportation.

SPD works on the fringes of the security field that isn’t always thought of when operating in any environment. Whether building a safe room, installing bulletproof windows on a tactical car, or installing surveillance equipment in a home, SPD can provide the needed services.

Demand for the SPD’s expertise has grown exponentially over the last four years and will certainly become the core of our business.

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